We’re launching our AI powered app

Thursday, October 19, 2023

We knew that the combination of AI and digital assets would become an era-defining leap forwards for finance. As part of our commitment to harnessing the potential of the latest technology for use in everyday life, we launched ELONN.AI, our decentralized AI project. Now we’re excited to announce the latest update: V1.0 of the ELONN.AI app.  

This isn’t just any old announcement. We said that a decentralized project means that the community benefit from each advancement of the project and we’ve made sure that incentives are included at every level. Let’s find out how you can earn from getting involved with ELONN.AI 


The vision of the project initiators is to create an AI agent poised to take over a broad range of investment-related activities from expensive finance professionals. These range from analytics and preparing investment decisions, to the execution of transactions, risk monitoring and adjusting investor portfolios in real-time.    

This transformative capability is made possible through the implementation of cutting-edge machine learning in the form of deep-dive AI analytics. These analytics meticulously navigate a vast array of on- and off-chain data, research reports, social media inputs, and news sources. ELONN.AI essentially functions as an AI-powered meta-layer, employing individual AI agents to not only guide users in making more informed investment decisions but also seamlessly execute these decisions across their wallets and exchange accounts. 

Why information counts 

Breaking down the barriers of investing doesn’t just mean supporting investors with access to assets. There’s another important aspect of investing that often gets overlooked: reliable information.  

Navigating the expansive world of investing can be daunting for both newcomers and seasoned investors. The abundance of opinions, reports, and data often leads to analysis paralysis, hindering effective decision-making. Recognizing this challenge, the initial rollout of the ELONN.AI app is strategically designed to tackle information overload. 

The starting point for the development of such a comprehensive solution for AI-based investing is the establishment of solid information base, a solution that ELONN.AI is uniquely placed to provide.  



What can you do with the new ELONN.AI app?   

The ELONN.AI app is your way to stay on top of the market trends by aggregating the most important news in real time and synthesising the key facts. Instead of sifting through information on a multitude of platforms, our new app allows you to get all the information you need, all in one place.  

Here’s how the ELONN.AI app elevates the digital asset experience using AI:  

  • Aggregates the most important news across hundreds of news sites.  
  • Updates in real-time - each time the user opens the app, they receive the most recent news available on the web.  
  • Creates summaries with key points from each article – choose from reading the whole article or AI-generated summaries, all without leaving the app.  
  • Presents updates alongside key crypto topics such as market news, bitcoin, altcoins and technology.