The Korean Crypto Trading Community’s First Korean Language AI-Agent for Investment Research

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

The Korean crypto trading community has received its first Korean language AI-agent for investment research, ELANN.AI, built by a Swiss company SMART VALOR - available on iOS and Android as of now.

As more and more jobs are being replaced by AI, some may not see it as good news. However, many people will benefit from being able to hire a human substitute that is not only much cheaper but also better, especially when it comes to tasks such as collecting information, compiling reports, and making the right decisions.

This is where ELANN.AI comes in. Elann.Ai is an AI-agent designed to replace research analysts who typically work at banks or asset management firms. The job of a research analyst is to help investment managers choose the right investments and buy or sell the right stocks at the right time.

Private crypto investors don’t have research analysts to help them gather and analyze relevant information. Instead, they do it themselves. However, most investors and traders don’t have much time for research, which can result in wrong decisions and poor investments. This is the problem that the AI-Agent ELANN.AI is designed to solve.

Watch this video to understand how ELANN AI would become the ultimate AI Investment Agent.

ELANN.AI has the same task as a human research analyst. For a specific token, it searches all relevant news. It doesn’t pick up just any news. Instead, it rates news on 6,000 quality and relevance criteria to decide what to take in and what is irrelevant. From the relevant news it collects, it writes executive summaries so that the boss (you - the investment manager) doesn’t need to read all of it, but only key takeaways. The AI agent also looks at the price action and collects information about what happened with the price in the last day or week and why. It also adds charts and other relevant data to provide a comprehensive analysis of the token.

Now in Korea ELANN.Ai has arrived as the very first Korean language-based crypto market intelligence app capable of delivering a wide range of functions. This is a significant breakthrough because the majority of crypto research and news available today is in English. Many Korean traders suffer from a time gap in the news and lose money because they cannot read news or listen to podcasts in English.

The app was launched by Swiss company Smart Valor for the Western market at the end of last year. This week, as part of its 2024 roadmap, the company has launched the Korean version of the app.

The appetite for such a solution is big, not just among investors, but also institutions. Last month, Bithumb announced that they are partnering with Smart Valor to integrate ELANN.AI into their Wallet Burrito. More wallets and exchanges are lining up apps to integrate this AI-Agent.

To celebrate the launch of the Korean version of, the developer is giving away prizes to users who download the app and write a review.

Dedicated to this major milestone of the roadmap, the developer company Smart Valor is holding a trading competition with its token VALOR, which is listed exclusively on Bithumb in two weeks’ time.