Closer to the Perfect Crypto AI Agent with ELANN.AI Upgraded

Friday, June 28, 2024

ELANN.AI is something that could never have existed before — an expert crypto researcher in your pocket.  

This crypto AI agent will be on hand anytime to help you and will continue to evolve along with you as the crypto markets grow and change.  

In fact, we’ve got some major ELANN upgrades to tell you about right now. 


ELANN simply changes crypto investing for everyone 

ELANN is the first of its kind, a crypto AI agent, and the capacities of this agent are accelerating at the same lightning pace of the whole AI space. 

With ELANN’s help, you don't need to chase the news anymore. Exactly what you need to know in crypto will come straight to you.   

We are building out functions that would not have been possible just months ago, to ensure ELANN excels with everything AI can bring to the table.  

A crypto AI agent such as ELANN simply supports your crypto investing at an entirely new level and will become more customizable to your needs and interests with every single update. 


Democratizing global access to crypto news  

The fast pace of the markets has so often given an edge to those with access to early information, or the money to pay for it. ELANN.AI is here to change all that. 

At ELANN we are obsessed with getting you exactly the crypto news you need to know, right when you need to know it. 

We’re continually adding trusted news sources to our data pool, all carefully analyzed and quality assessed before being brought into the ELANN.AI newsfeed. 

News sources most recently added include Blockmedia, CoinDesk Korea, CryptoSlate and TheDefiant. 

ELANN.AI makes sense of thousands of data points and continually updated crypto market research, bringing data-rich reports and news items to your device in seconds, on demand, tailored to what you need to know right now. 

Working from this data, the magic of ELANN’s AI analysis can happen.  

The result? All the news items you need, and exactly the reports you need, right there on your device, on demand at any time.  

Even better news: We don’t carry ads, and the ELANN.AI app is free to use. 


Destroying the language barrier in crypto news 

Having to wait hours or even days for language-specific crypto news sites to release critical breaking news simply will not stand in crypto. The play is often over before you even get a chance to trade! 

That’s over now for crypto investors, thanks to an ongoing rollout of instant translations on ELANN.  

Now you can read every crypto news item in both English and Korean, with many more languages rolling out in the coming days including French and German!  

Gain instant access to all the breaking news in crypto, in your own language. Another unprecedented change that ELANN.AI brings to the table.


Top Movers crypto asset reports 

Welcome to a brand-new report type here at ELANN.AI, we call it Top Movers. 

These reports, updated frequently, can be created as both daily and weekly reports, covering the top ten best and worst performing assets for the time period shown. 

Data provided includes market data price charts, current and historic, the most important news events for each asset, and AI-generated asset descriptions drawing on on asset fundamentals. 


Price performance reports for fast data 

Another new feature at ELANN.AI is our quick, cohesive price performance report. 

Our AI data pipeline generates these reports daily and weekly, on request when a user clicks for one. The reports are created and updated dynamically for each crypto asset. 

Users can now easily access up-to-date technical and asset performance analysis on ELANN.AI, covering market trends and sentiment in the short, medium and long term, reports designed to be straightforward and incredibly clear.  

Our advanced AI analysis is based on historic close prices and tech indicators like SMA, RSI, Bollinger bands, on-balance volume, MACD, and the fear and greed index observed over recent days.  

With access to over 4,000 data points, ELANN is well-positioned to give you a leading edge in crypto investing, anytime you seek it out. 

These concise reports will allow you to enrich your understanding of the crypto markets rapidly, and to use these deeper insights as a great base for your crypto investment strategies. 


ELANN learns to speak! Relax and listen in 

With ELANN.AI you can now click a button, relax, forget your screen, close your eyes and enjoy listening to the latest crypto news on audio.  

We have developed a text-to-speech service which allows users to play all news items as audio in real time.  

Along with the existing option to read news, you will now find a Play button available which you can simply click to listen to the news items instead. 

The voice you’ll hear with this option is one you’ll be hearing a lot more of, as it is planned as the main voice for the ELANN.AI app! We can’t wait to hear what you think of ELANN’s new voice. 


UX improvements for news navigation   

Lastly, users will be glad to know that we have enhanced our UX design to offer a smoother news browsing experience.  

You can now read AI-generated news items on ELANN.AI one after another without having to return to the main news feed to access the next one.  


Simply swipe a news item to the left or click Next to read the next news item, alternatively swipe to the right or click Previous to return to the last item.   

This update will give a more immersive and natural experience for our readers engaging with the latest crypto news. 

Why not check out all the features today, the app just takes a few seconds to install. 

We are tremendously excited about the latest improvements to ELANN.AI, the leading solution for AI-generated crypto asset insights, and we look forward to hearing what you think of them! 


What’s next for ELANN.AI 

We have a lot more planned for the months ahead, including the very exciting launch of our Agent Builder Wizard, which will allow you to create your very own fully customized AI agents! Keep an eye out for that update and more coming soon.  

Remember, with ELANN.AI, we might just all make it!