How ELONN.AI creates your investment research reports

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Investing in crypto can be a daunting task, especially when you're bombarded with complex data and news from all directions. But what if there was a way to simplify the process, providing you with comprehensive and accurate market insights in an easy-to-understand format? That's where the magic of AI-driven Investment Research Reports comes into play. 

Imagine having a personal analyst at your call, tirelessly gathering data, analyzing market trends, and summarizing the latest news, all to help you make informed investment decisions. Well, for this you don’t need to hire an expensive ex-banker research analyst. You can leverage artificial intelligence to do his job for you.  
As one of the first pilots for AI-based Research analysts, we are introducing AI generated research reports in the ELONN.AI app. This research gives you dedicated reports for a specific token (e.g. Ethereum) or a segment covering (crypto, layer 1, etc), along with a period (e.g. past 7 days). With just a few taps, users are presented with a report that includes price chart, market analysis, and relevant news in real-time. 
Now let's take a closer look at the fascinating process behind the creation of these reports, as shared by the tech team behind ELONN.AI. 

Step 1: gathering the data and LLM input 

Everything begins with data, and in the world of finance, data is king. The process kicks off by collecting historical and real-time price data for a specific tokens. This data is sourced from reputable price data platforms and APIs, ensuring accuracy and reliability. Additionally, pre-made price charts are gathered, providing visual representations of the tokens' historical performance. The collected data and price charts are fed into the LLM, where the AI gets to work, processing and analyzing the data to extract valuable insights. 

Step 2: LLM crunching the market data 

The LLM doesn't stop there. It moves on to perform technical analysis on the token charts. It identifies patterns, trends, and potential support and resistance levels, helping you understand the token's behavior. 

Next, the LLM dives deep into the stock's price movements. It scrutinizes historical trends, recent fluctuations, and indicators of market sentiment. Through statistical analysis, it evaluates factors like volatility, moving averages and trading volume, giving you a comprehensive view of market dynamics. 

Step 3: news analysis 

News plays a crucial role in understanding the market. Our system collects news articles related to both specific tokens and the overall market from over one hundred reputable sources. These articles are then processed through the LLM, which categorizes them based on quality, relevance, and sentiment. Then our system employs AI-based experts in various fields to score each article alongside 4.000 criteria. The highest-scoring articles are then ranked, ensuring the user receive only the most valuable information. 

Step 4: crafting the report 

Now, it's time to bring it all together. The selected news articles, combined with the LLM's market analyses, are compiled into a structured investment research report.  

We understand that different investors have diverse needs. That's why, beyond the current beta version, our reports will be customizable. You can choose assets or sectors relevant for you, along with the way your AI research analyst presents them to you: from in-depth technical analysis to user-friendly narratives, ensuring the report suits your preferences. 

Beyond the current free beta version of this product, we envisage expanding the range of tokens, data sources, type of analysis and localization of delivery. Check out the ELONN.AI product roadmap for more details!