The Rise & Rise of AI Financial Advisors

Tuesday, November 21, 2023
AI financial advisors - robo-advisors

In a rapidly evolving financial landscape, the rise of AI financial advisors, often referred to as robo-advisors, has been nothing short of revolutionary. These virtual financial experts, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), employ sophisticated algorithms to deliver automated financial advisory services. What sets them apart from traditional human financial advisors is their ability to harness data-driven decision-making, personalization, and continuous monitoring. 

What are robo-advisors?  

Robo-advisors are a subset of AI financial advisors, operating in the digital realm as virtual advisors, not physical robots. Investors interact with these AI-powered entities through user-friendly smartphone apps or web interfaces.   

AI financial advisors, such as robo-advisors, are characterized by their key features, including machine learning, data analysis, and automation. These platforms employ machine learning algorithms to process vast amounts of financial data in real-time.  

The continuous monitoring of market conditions enables them to make informed investment decisions and automatically adjust portfolios to ensure they remain aligned with the investor's goals. Unlike their human counterparts, AI advisors are across all the details, all the time and never need to sleep. These innovations are a huge step forward for normal investors that will have access to boutique investment services normally reserved for those that can afford to pay a human advisor.  

The growth of robo-advisors 

The popularity of robo-advisors has soared in recent years, revolutionizing the wealth management industry. Traditional human financial advisors are adapting to a new role where they complement robo-advisors by providing specialized guidance on complex financial matters, estate planning, and emotional support during market turbulence. 

Robo-advisors have also played a pivotal role in educating investors, encouraging them to become more financially literate. As individuals engage with these platforms, they gain insights into investment strategies, risk management, and portfolio diversification. 

 Major financial institutions, like JPMorgan, are at the forefront of embracing AI. They have recognized the significance of AI and data in shaping the future of the financial industry. This is evident in their investment in cloud-based data centers and the development of AI-powered products. 

A recent study conducted by the Capgemini Research Institute underscores the growing trust in generative AI-assisted financial planning. More than half of the respondents expressed awareness of this technology, with 53% trusting the financial advice offered by AI platforms. 

What’s in it for me?  

All this talk about machine learning and expert reports is all well and good, but what does it actually mean for investors? Let’s take a look at how these new AI advisors will benefit people’s financial wellbeing and make a difference to their lives:  

Data-driven decision making: AI financial advisors excel in data analysis, enabling them to process vast amounts of information. This data-driven approach helps mitigate emotional biases that can influence human investment choices. In simpler terms, that means making decisions based on hard data and no more analysis paralysis.  

Personalization: Investors can tailor their AI advisors to their own circumstances, such as individual risk preferences, investment goals and more, allowing the algorithm to hone a personalized portfolio.  

Continuous monitoring: AI advisors offer real-time monitoring and automatic portfolio adjustments, ensuring that investments remain aligned with market trends and the investor's goals. 

Risk and fraud detection: AI systems can analyze diverse data sources to assess risks and generate risk profiles for investment assets or portfolios. AI can help detect and prevent fraudulent activities by analyzing large amounts of data and identifying patterns and anomalies. It also assists in identifying potentially fraudulent transactions, adding an extra layer of security for investors. 

Cost-Effectiveness and Accessibility: no more gatekeeping. AI financial advisors often come at a lower cost compared to their human counterparts, making professional investment advice more accessible to a broader range of investors. 


ELONN.AI: The Future of Personalized Financial Advisory 


With ELONN.AI, the journey to unlocking the potential of our personalized advisors is only just beginning. We've long recognized that Language Model Models (LLMs) and chatbots have the capacity to transcend their initial novelty and administrative functions, and make a profound impact on people's lives for the very first time. 

We’re committed to helping individuals overcome barriers to investing and enhancing their financial well-being. In our initial version of the ELONN.AI app, we tackle the first of these barriers: the availability of information. We harness the power of artificial intelligence to analyze data and news, tailoring it to your specific needs. 

To be a successful investor, it's vital to stay informed and receive alerts and updates about the assets in your portfolio. What sets ELONN.AI apart is the level of personalization we provide. How you receive news and the tone in which it's delivered can be adjusted to match your personal preferences. 

This marks a significant development in investing, as it empowers you to take control of your investment journey from the very beginning. For instance, if you lean towards a conservative approach in crypto investing, you may prefer to avoid overly exuberant token news or excessively positive updates. You can even select an advisor who aligns with your fact-based or even crypto-skeptical outlook. Here’s an example of how news about Bitcoin's surge to $35k might be presented:  

“While Bitcoin might have reached a new high this year, retaking 35k, it’s important to remember that the crypto market is highly volatile and unpredictable. Other cryptocurrencies also saw gains but it’s essential to proceed with skepticism and research these projects before considering any investments.” 

On the other hand, if you consider yourself a DeFi enthusiast, deeply entrenched in the crypto world with a penchant for humor and an aversion to mundane news, you can opt for an advisor who resonates with your "crypto degen" spirit:  

“BTC is totally flexing right now, hitting a fresh 17 year high above $35k, but it ain’t just them, it’s the altcoins too, with AVAX, DOT and NEAR popping off right now too.”  

The core facts remain consistent, but your advisor now speaks your language, making the investment experience more enjoyable. It's akin to the feeling of entering a private bank for the first time as a millionaire and getting to "speed date" with the top private wealth managers. You have the freedom to choose the one who aligns with your preferences and whom you trust with your wealth. Why waste time with those who don't understand your needs or goals? This is the essence of our latest AI language development, which we've made central to ELONN.AI from day one. 

Introducing our tone of voice feature provides a sneak peek into your future interactions with your financial advisor. It all starts with the conversation and its tone. 


The rise of AI-driven robo-advisors marks a transformative era in wealth management. These intelligent platforms are democratizing access to investment opportunities, optimizing portfolio management, and reshaping the roles of financial advisors. As we journey into the future, the fusion of technology and expertise is creating a more inclusive, efficient, and personalized landscape for investors of all backgrounds. 

The potential benefits of AI financial advisors are exciting, and they are undoubtedly shaping the future of investing. We’re excited about this because it means that all investors will get access to services formerly reserved for the elite and it aligns with our mission to level the investing playing field by bringing the benefits of digital assets to ordinary people.  

So, make sure you go and experiment with our new tone of voice feature in the ELONN.AI app and think about how this early-stage AI innovation will soon evolve to be much more than a personalization of investment news. These features are already innovative but are just the first step towards a unique, personalised AI advisor that understands your needs and will work around the clock to deliver the results you need. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates – we'll be releasing more information about the next stages of ELONN.AI very soon.