ELONN.AI Roadmap 2024

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

The core concept behind ELONN.AI is to provide an AI-based alternative to human Research Analysts. In traditional finance, investment managers rely on one or more Research Analysts who gather data, analyze price movements, monitor news, and generate reports. However, in the crypto world, individuals often act as their own investment managers AND research analysts. As a result, crypto investors spend a significant amount of time conducting research and studying the markets because hiring a research analyst is cost-prohibitive unless you manage substantial funds. 

At Smart Valor we set out to create an affordable and potentially superior alternative to traditional bank research analysts, specialized on crypto investment use case. We named this AI agent Elonn. His brain is not biological but built on artificial technology. 

Currently, there is a consensus in the AI industry that narrowly focused AI agents are on track to outperform humans soon. This is because they can process vast volumes of financial data and real-time news. They excel at identifying complex patterns and trends in market data, which human analysts might overlook. Moreover, they can operate 24/7, concentrating solely on the aspects relevant to your investment strategy. 

Our journey with Elonn.ai began in the summer when we started to develope our unique algorithms and collaborated with leading language models, including OpenAI's (Large Language Model) LLM. We fine-tuned these models to analyze crypto news effectively and generate reports. In October, we launched the Elonn.ai app with AI-based news analysis, followed by the release of the first version of AI-generated research reports in December. We are immensely proud of what we achieved in such a short time. 

But what's on the horizon, and how do we bring you your own personal research analyst? Here's a sneak peek into our 2024 product roadmap. Please note that this is a high-level plan, and priorities may evolve. Some modules might take longer and overlap with the development of others. However, we are primarily focusing on the following key work-streams: 

  1. Expanding token coverage within the reports functionality. 
  2. Going multilingual, starting with Asian languages like Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. 
  3. Delving deeper into data, aiming to extract more valuable insights from sources like crypto Twitter, YouTube, and podcasts. 
  4. Crafting customized reports based on user preferences and portfolio settings. 

Last but not least, the ultimate goal is to provide you with an agent you can have a conversation with. Achieving this requires leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) and developing finely tuned Large Language Models (LLMs). 

To sum it up, our roadmap aims to expand the functionality from news and market analysis to individual reports, while broadening token coverage, integrating additional data sources, and implementing localization. This progression aligns with the development of conversational AI, specialized in the crypto investment field. The project's ultimate objective is to create AI agents capable of handling a significant portion of research tasks related to crypto investing, effectively acting as a highly specialized research analysts.